Customer Testimonials

Thanks again for following up with me regarding my satisfaction with the 15 panel solar array and the solar attic fan Solarmax installed at my home. It’s refreshing to see that there is a company that provides true customer service in this day and age! I know I told you over the phone, but let me tell you again … I am THRILLED with my solar array, my attic fan, and especially with the pre-installation, installation, and follow up service Solarmax provided!

The results I have seen from the solar panels over the past 4 months have been impressive. The energy output has exceeded my expectations, especially considering my system has only seen winter months. I am pleased to see the impact the system has already had on reducing my electric bill. Living in an all electric home that will soon face losing its discount; I am already considering expanding my system in the near future.

The solar attic fan is also remarkable. You can feel the air circulation now in my attic space, but the most impressive part is the silence of the unit. I was almost certain it was not working until I went up in the attic, felt the breeze, and saw the blades spinning. I would certainly recommend this unit to anyone looking to improve circulation and reduce cooling related energy expenses.

In closing I would like to again let you know how much I appreciated the level of service you, and the team from Solarmax provided. Prior to looking into a way to reduce my energy costs I had no idea how solar power worked, or what it would take to install in my home. You took the time to educate me in the many areas where I could achieve energy savings, and guided me through the process to implement them. But you also took the time to explain the tax benefits as well as Solar Renewable Energy Credits I was entitled to, and assisted me in making sure I had everything I needed to utilize them. Please feel free to use me as a reference for anyone looking to use Solarmax’s services. A more satisfied customer you will not find.

John from Medina, Ohio

We are very pleased with the Westinghouse system. The system is very simple and is easy to

understand how it operates. The solar panels are very thin and blend right into the roof making the look attractive whether they are on the front or back of your house. We are amazed at how few pieces the system has and how easy it is to install. The installation of the system by SolarMax, Inc went very smoothly and the installers were great.
Everything was explained thoroughly to us from the installation to the wiring and operation of the system. We were very well informed from start to finish and would recommend SolarMax, Inc. to anyone interested in going solar. We have had the system for almost 1 year and are very pleased with the monthly savings as well as the 30% federal credit we received towards the purchase and installation of the system.

Gene & Kim from Medina, Ohio

I had 14 solar panels installed by Solarmax on my southern-facing garage roof in the last week of December 2010. The energy collected from the panels is converted and fed into my house as electricity. Kevin Wisor installed my panels and has provided unparalleled support. His depth of electrical and solar knowledge was invaluable in my decision to have the panels installed.
Since implementation just over four months ago, I have produced 722kWh, enough to power 24 houses for one day! On my peak day, I produced 18,000 Who Although I have a relatively small system, it is highly efficient and I am very satisfied with the results. I monitor my usage and output daily, (although it’s not necessary, it’s just fun!) and am very excited about the results. My monthly electric bills have been reduced by over 80%. As we move into the sunnier summer days I expect an even better return.

If you are considering energy alternatives, I highly recommend having an energy analysis completed and a review of your solar options with Solarmax.

Carol From Brunswick, Ohio

Dear Solarmax,

Thank you for installing the 45 Westinghouse solar panels as part of two arrays on our house.

We chose the Westinghouse panels for many reasons including: the use of micro inverters that simplified the installation, the excellent warranty on the panel and inverters, the clean look of the mounting system, and the lack of any need for maintenance compared to wind systems.

We chose Solarmax to do the installation due to the genuine interest in your customers and your commitment to them. Solarmax worked with us to make sure the numerous government and utility forms were submitted to take advantage of every aspect of the system. Way to go Kevin!

The day the system was put on line was bright and sunny and we still had the old style meter yet. As each panel synchronized with the utility grid we watched as our meter started to slow down and eventually start spinning backwards! For several days the novelty of that never wore off and we showed friends and family alike the backwards spinning meter. We were like kids in a candy store watching this happen. Alas, when the new digital net meter was installed by the local utility the fun of watching the meter spin backwards went away.

As much fun as it was watching the meter spin backwards is the great monitoring and website features available. The technology to be able to communicate with the panel’s right over the AC lines in the house is magic. Being able to go on the internet and see the system saving us money is awesome. The site maintained for our installation is informational, entertaining, and easy to use.

With the number of residential installations growing, our local utility wanted to install equipment to monitor our house (call it a model home). After looking at the website and wealth of information there the utility changed their mind. All the information the utility needed was on the website (and more)!

In the current electric market our system is paying for 100% of the cost of the electric we use. The combination of decreased electricity purchased from the utility and the money the Solar Renewable Energy Credit market pays us for every green MWhr we generate actually puts money in our pocket!

Thank you Solarmax and especially Kevin!

Aka Scharein Thermo-nuclear Conversion Facility (okay so we turn sunlight into electricity, I’m the owner, 1 can call it what I want!)

Kirk from Medina, Ohio

Solar Power is awesome… we have a farm and the panels that were installed on our barn and have reduced our electric bills significantly (we are an all electric home) SolarMax Inc was awesome, not only are they professional and know what they are doing, they are some of the greatest people we have worked with… always there to answer questions and provide guidance on how to tract and monitor our usage. They were prompt, efficient, and very, very professional! I highly recommend Solar energy and SOLARMAX INC as an installer!

Pat Matthews

Being the Electrical Products Coordinator for Wolff Bros. Supply Inc. it became my responsibility to manage the planning and construction of a 50KW solar system. Having no experience in Solar Power, it seemed to be a taunting task. Kevin Wisor made it a simple process by helping me every step of the project from the permit process to final inspections. Being a NABCEP Certified installer, he is knowledgeable in all aspects of Solar Power. Kevin’s attention to detail was exhibited on a daily basis and the resulting Solar Production is above what was expected. We were so impressed with the results, we did a second installation at our Wooster Branch.

Dean Dorsey

Thank you Solarmax! It was over 5 years ago that we installed our first set of 45 panels and I am proud to say I was one of their first customers. I was so impressed with the performance, features, and service that two years later Solarmax added 25 more panels to my house!

The team at Solarmax was great to work with. They know their stuff, did what they said they would do, and helped complete the permitting process with the utility.

Here’s what I like about solar panels: They basically don’t wear out. There are no moving parts (like bearing on wind turbines) to maintain or replace. You put solar panels up and for the most part forget about them. Rain rinses them off, keeps them clean, and you get lots of kilowatt hours in return! You won’t find the long warranty associated with solar panels on any other form of electrical generation.

What about the cost? They have come down significantly over the years. Federal credits and state subsidized low interest loans are still available. Think of this though, just like any part of your home (well, septic, roof) the purchase is a long term investment but here is the catch, after 6 or 7 years you roof, well, or septic doesn’t start paying you! Long after the panels have paid you back with electrical savings and maybe even some SRECs (solar renewable energy credits) they keep
making electricity. As the cost of electricity goes up the value of the electricity your panels make goes up!

Then there is the cool factor. You get your own website to track the performance of the system provided by the manufacturer. Pull your website up and show your friends and family. See how much power it is producing right now or over the last day, month, or year. The manufacturer can even monitor and troubleshoot each individual panel remotely because each one of the solar panels is its own little independent generating station (snow on one panel doesn’t impact the rest of the panels).

Lastly, knowing I am reducing pollution and the need for fossil fuels whether it be coal, gas, or oil makes me feel good!
So get a hold of Solarmax and have them check out your home. You can always start out small and add!

Kirk Scharein

We’ve had our Solar System in now for several years with great service. The product had held up well but we have had a few service calls that were needed and were performed incredibly fast. SolarMax has been great to work with.

Dennis Jackson

I had my solar panels installed at the end of 2010. It was the best investment for my home! The panels lowered my utility bills and reduced my energy consumption. Solarmax is professional, knowledgeable, & responsive. I highly recommend them!

Carol Bianchi

I have hade my system for over 3 years now and has been working great and saving me $$ and also I feel more green, Keven and the crew are top notch, I highly recommend Solarmax as a company for all your alternative energy needs.

Vic Sohar

Kevin and his crew installed 22 SolarWorld panels and Enphase converters on the roof of my summer home in Carroll county in June of 2015, The install took just two days (over a weekend), and the crew was very efficient and professional. Kevin also had met with my wife and me several times prior to the install to discuss options, and he even met with the Carroll Electric Coop (my energy supplier for that property) supervisor and me to assist with permits, etc. Now the system has been in place for about 3 months … my electric bills have been reduced to just the “service charge” (a little under $25) – we are delighted with the system, and would highly recommend Kevin, and SolarMax, for any residential or commercial solar systems.

Don Koma